The Clear Advantage

G-Rex® stands for Gas Permeable Rapid Expansion and is the result of applying our disruptive technology to the needs of immunotherapy.

G-Rex® is the only production platform created specifically to produce immune cells such as T cells, natural killer cells, and hematopoietic cells.

G-Rex® is proving to be the most practical and cost effective way to scale up and scale out.

We welcome your input as we work to make G-Rex® the gold standard for immune cell production.

The advantages of the G-Rex® platform are significant:

Linear Scale Up

  • Protocols established in R & D translate directly to commercial production without altering cell phenotype

Practical Scale Out

  • One device per patient
  • No feeding required
  • Easily automated
  • No specialized equipment is dedicated to a patient (such as Prodigy, WAVE rocker)
  • Shortest possible production cycle (e.g. can turn 300 million cells into 100 billion cells in just 11 days)

Highly Cost Effective

  • Most efficient use of media and reagents
  • Minimal labor
  • Occupies the least amount of space
  • Greatly simplifies the logistics required to produce cells

Optimizes Downstream Processing

  • At the end of expansion, allows 90% of medium to be removed in just 4 minutes without cell loss
  • Minimizes the complexity of downstream processing and maintains a controlled environment

Repeatable Outcomes

  • Consistent ratios of CD4 to CD8
  • Population retains naïve phenotype (i.e. may be more persistent)