Our Disruptive Technology Platform

Providing manufacturing solutions for the adoptive cell therapy field.

Wilson Wolf created a paradigm shift in cell culture device design that disrupts age old beliefs regarding cell production.

Historic designs such as T-flasks, spinner flasks, gas permeable bags, and WAVE bioreactors rely on an old paradigm that diffusion is responsible for cell access to nutrients. Wilson Wolf has discovered that convection, not diffusion, is the key to achieving maximum cell growth with uninterrupted access to nutrients.

Furthermore, diffusion greatly limits the medium volume in a device unless the medium is physically mixed.

When compared to age-old designs, Wilson Wolf’s revolutionary designs provide the easiest and fastest way to generate the most cells in the least amount of space.

By discovering that convection governs nutrient transport, not diffusion, we are revolutionizing device design to provide advantages not previously possible.

Wilson Wolf’s revolutionary products include unique geometry that allows medium to reside at heights not previously possible with conventional methods. And, unlike any other device, G-Rex® geometry provides cells with virtually unlimited access to oxygen and nutrients on demand.

See the Revolution in Action

Advantages of Our Technology

Providing virtually unlimited oxygen and nutrients on demand is particularly beneficial for the culture of non-adherent cells when compared to prior methods, such as plates, flasks, bags, and RM bags or other bioreactors. Advantages include:

  • Technician interaction is greatly reduced; these devices reach maximum density without feeding or other interventions.
  • More cells in less space. Leaves more room in your incubator for other cultures.
  • Simplicity. No need to constantly feed and split cultures to new devices as your culture scales.
  • Saves money. Requires fewer devices, reduces use of expensive GMP space, and far less labor.