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G-Rex Technology

Innovative Cell Culture Devices To Help Expand Your Growth

Wilson Wolf is devoted to advancing the cure of cancer and other diseases by simplifying the process of culturing cells for Adoptive Immunotherapy, a promising form of treatment that uses the patient’s own immune system to treat disease.

Adoptive Immunotherapy requires cells of the immune system to be cultured in vitro and infused into the patient for treatment. Unfortunately, traditional cell culture devices do not allow a practical or cost effective method of culturing these cells, which limits the application of Adoptive Immunotherapy to just a small number of patients.
Our G-Rex cell production techology is a groundbreaking alternative to traditional culture device techology and overcomes an existing barrier to a wider availability of Adoptive Immunotherapy treatments.
Our goal is to make G-Rex the gold standard for cell production in the field of Adoptive Immunotherapy. By achieving our goal, there will finally be a practical and cost effective cell production process that provides:
  • Significantly shortened duration of cell production

  • More efficient use of medium

  • Far less labor, with very little skill needed

  • A vast reduction in the number of devices required

  • No need to purchase complex and costly ancillary equipment

  • Much more efficient use of incubator, flow hood, and biohazard space

  • Reduced contamination risk

  • Greatly reduced downstream processing cost

  • A fully scalable process from R&D through clinical application

Go to the "Papers and Literature" tab for more information, but the documents below give a broad overview of the power our G-Rex Technology to advance your cell therapy objectives. PLEASE ASK US ABOUT OUR FREE SAMPLE PROGRAM!


Go to this link to see how the G-Rex system can be used in a closed system manner to automate and concentrate the cell harvest.process. This novel approach greatly simplifies the overall process.


Click here to see G-Rex helping make news

As seen on the NBC Nightly News, G-Rex is able to culture cell that have the potential to effectively treat cervical cancer. For those choosing to watch this news report, we apologize for the 30 second advertisement that NBC runs prior to the news segment.

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