Our History

Wilson Wolf was established in 1998 to pioneer the development of innovative mammalian cell culture devices.

We have created cell culture devices for a wide variety of applications including monoclonal antibody production, living skin, corneal storage, islet transplants for type 1 diabetes, immunotherapy, and routine cell culture.

Our Mission

Wilson Wolf is dedicated to helping scientists and businesses advance the field of healthcare through use of our revolutionary gas permeable cell culture device platform.

Our Current Focus

  1. To provide the field of immunotherapy with the best technology for cell production. Our G-Rex product line is quickly being adopted by the field as the gold standard.
  2. To provide those performing routine cell culture with a far superior alternative to traditional cultureware such as plates, flasks, and bags.

“The Cell Processing Lab has shown that the culture of Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TIL), Natural Killer (NK) cells and LCL cells when using the G-Rex flasks are superior to growth bags. G-Rex flasks allow for cell growth at higher densities and therefore less media, growth factors, cytokine and serum additives are required...” - Clinical Center, National Institutes of Health