Rapid Transduction and Expansion of Transduced T Cells with Maintenance of Central Memory Populations
Rapid Transduction and Expansion of Transduced T Cells with Maintenance of Central Memory Populations
Authors: Mary Pampusch, et al
Publication: Molecular Therapy Methods & Clinical Development
Published Date : 3/1/2020
Notable Quotes:

“With a starting density of 5x10e6 cells per GREX well, we achieved a median density of 47.1x19e6 cells per GREX well”

“This outcome, with maintenance of a high central memory population, is an improvement over the primarily effector memory population produced using a longer culture time when rhesus macque T cells were transduced with a gammaretrovirus to express CXCR5”
Demonstrates an established closed CAR-T cell therapy Platform (A G-Rex centered manufacturing platform)
Innovative Development of Closed CAR T Platform (Poster)
Authors: Gil Joseph, et al
Publication: WuXi Advanced Therapies
Published Date : 1/1/2020
Notable Quotes:

“Showed sufficient transduction efficiency (day7) with low MOI in scaled down model for transduction in G-Rex”

“The platform includes pre-evaluated and qualified equipment, technologies, and materials with developed closed unit operations. “

“To enable swift onboarding of the customer process through manufacturing, WuXi has established template batch records, bill of materials, standardized testing catalog, and specifications for cGMP materials.”
CAR-T-Demonstrates how the G-Rex can perform activation, transduction and expansion all in one single disposable device.
Streamlined production of genetically modified T cells with activation, transduction and expansion in closed-system G-Rex bioreactors
Authors: Christine Gagliardi, et al
Publication: Cytotherapy
Published Date : 10/16/2019
Notable Quotes:

“This study demonstrates that T cells can be transduced with retroviral vectors in solution in the G-Rex bioreactor with addition of Vectofusin-1 as a transduction enhancer. The simplified transduction step allows for an entire process, from activation to harvest, to be carried out in a single vessel. “

“Clinically relevant levels of transgene expression and cell numbers can be achieved by combining reagents in the GRex, without complicated time-consuming coating steps of traditional transduction.”

First publication detailing transduction taking place in G-Rex. Additionally, they compared the All-In-One G-Rex process to the traditional method of CAR T production in gas permeable bags. “Further, the G-Rex based process reduced the cost of materials by 38% and hand-on time by 75% to generate a batch of 1.4x10e9 transgenic cells.” There is an excellent table displaying the cost reduction and labor savings.